Smart local economy

Some solutions for the promotion of our companies

ProActis Group is supporting local companies with tailor-made solutions that are fully adjustable to their needs.

Our solutions

Local economy stimulation, referral and customer and staff retention system

Promotional system on the web and on local social networks

Local dynamic display system

Customer experience improvement system (POS, CRM, ERP)



Innovation is the process of acquiring competitive advantage by responding to both market needs and business strategy.



To perform, a business must be able to challenge its competitors when it comes to quality and speed of service.



Maximizing means pushing your business to its highest possible level, to the highest possible degree.

Our goal is to be a strong partner for the success of our customers

In a world of digital transformation, it is not always easy for companies to cope, to opt for the right solutions and to juggle between managing their daily activities and digitalization. The ProActis Group develops and distributes solutions for companies to help them accelerate their growth.

A dedicated and permanent team

Our clients’ projects are our projects and are carried out by an efficient team in permanent contact with our clients.

A multi-skilled team

Projects are directly entrusted to managers in charge who have access to all the necessary resources and who will be able to inform their clients on all aspects of project implementation.

An experienced team

Professionals who are among the most experienced on the market will take care of your project.


Need the right tools to grow your business?

Our team can provide you with advice and all the tools you need to develop your presence.

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