• Compiles, transcribes, edits and proofreads all correspondence, invoices, presentations, publications, reports and other related documents;

  • Opens and distributes incoming postal and electronic mail and other documents and coordinates the flow of information internally and with other departments and agencies;

  • Respond to client enquiries by telephone and e-mail and transmit telephone calls and messages;

  • Establishing and maintaining manual and computerized filing systems for information files;

  • Records and prepares minutes of meetings;

  • Keep track of the accounting, make deposits in the name of the company, pay invoices and statements of account; Perform bookkeeping and management of accounting records (current operations, journal entries, financial statements and quarterly reports); Record transactions made in the name of the company; Produce income tax returns and GST and QST reports;

  • Compile data, statistics and other information to support research and development activities;


At least two years of experience in the industry.
Knowledge of an accounting information system, experience in bookkeeping
Knowledge of Word, Excel, Outlook
Writing ability


Welcoming, customer service-oriented, team player,
Empathetic, accountable
Available, sense of initiative
Organized, autonomous
Discretion and adherence to confidentiality rules
Creative and respectful
Meeting deadlines, committed
Ability to work under pressure

The male gender is used as a general term, for the sole purpose of not making the text more cumbersome.