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Over the last few years, social networks have increasingly become essential tools for advertising companies and products. But beyond promotion, social networks are more and more used for marketing studies, for the constitution of files, to monitor the news of a market as well as that of its competitors.

A presence on social networks is thus indispensable if you want to make yourself known to the widest possible audience. In order to obtain the highest possible visibility, a company must be present on several social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc…

And social media are communication tools in direct link with the consumer, they allow a great reactivity and exchange between consumers. But they must be used sparingly because an error can very quickly spread on the web and have disastrous consequences. Communicating on social networks is a real specialist’s business.

Similarly, a faulty action of a company can be spread on the web like a wildfire and give a negative image. Communicating on social media requires an everyday work and a daily questioning of one’s activity.

Social media allow a brand, a company to stand out and remain in the minds of its customers. It allows to become a key player in the daily life of the consumer. Furthermore, a positive image can emerge from it, which develops an important sympathy for the company, and makes it easier to offer new products or services.

Some companies can be instantly successful on social media. Each company has its own specific reasons for being there, whether it is to make its brand known, for better customer service or to study the competition. But one thing is for sure, it’s a great way to reach potential customers, specifically at the local level.

But social marketing also has its drawbacks. The main disadvantage of social marketing is the significant investment of time, labor and money, especially when targeting is poor. A company’s account has to be maintained as often as possible at the risk of giving a bad reputation to the company. Regular and different “posts”, varying according to seasonality and current events must be posted periodically.

A lot of companies use traditional marketing on social networks, just talking about themselves. Social networks are made to share with others. The days when a company only talked about its products are totally over. Communication on social networks is really focused on the local community, on their needs, and no longer on companies at all.

Obviously social networks are not a passing fad, but are made to last.