Customer experience improvement system (POS, CRM, ERP)


Do you know that…?

  • 80% of the cash register software market is out-of-date, i.e. with limited functionality.
  • The majority of cash register software requires at least 3 days of training before the staff is operational!
  • With most cash register software, the manager’s days off are used to do the accounting.

Challenges and ActizIA solution

Given the changes in consumer habits, cash register software must incorporate functionalities required for customer follow-up:

  • Creation of customer accounts,
  • Adding a reliable and transparent loyalty/reward/retention system,
  • Keeping a purchase history,
  • Easy to exchange with customers…

ActizIA makes it easy to synchronize sales and inventory, allowing customers to check out from anywhere in the store, directly from a tablet or smartphone. The customer experience is improved, no more queuing at the checkout.

With the loyalty program, ProCommissions, which is directly integrated into ActzIA and can be used for any sale, whether at the POS or on the internet, the store is able to retain its customers with greater ease.

By being able to send customers customized offers based on their previous purchases, ActizIA is a marketing tool in its own right.
>Of course, ActizIA helps to securely collect customers, track inventory, monitor sales and improve product offers

But ActizIA is much more than just cash register software.
ActizIA helps increase your company’s cost-effectiveness by simplifying management processes with comprehensive software: inventory, invoicing, purchasing, shipping, receiving, CRM, and much more.

Other reasons to choose ActizIA

  • Guaranteed reliability, upgrades and optimal operation by contractual service agreement
  • One of the most affordable solutions on the market
  • Payment only for modules used
  • Deploying in Cloud Mode
  • Free under certain terms and conditions

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