Création Momentum

Promotion system on the web and local social networks


Did you know that … ?

  • 90% of Québec residents are connected to the Internet, and more than 67% use it more than once a day.
  • 58% of people in Quebec have a smart phone.
  • 80% of consumers do their research on the Web before making a purchase, and 57% use social media as part of their research.
  • 60% of the selected choices are among the top 3 results on search engines.
  • A strong brand image online creates a fingerprint that inspires confidence and sets you apart from the competition!
  • Through dynamic social media management and targeted campaigns, we can attract new customers and invite future buyers to take an interest in the product/service.
  • A website is both a business card and a showcase for your company’s activities. It is an indispensable marketing tool to open a dialogue with the potential customer.

Your Needs

Enhanced visibility on social networks

Live videos to bring your networks to life and generate interactions

A high-performance and scalable website

A corporate video representative of your business and activities

Momentum Tools & Solutions

Graphic design, copywriting/content writing, strategy

Analysis and website creation

Internet advertising strategy

Shooting and broadcasting live videos

Filming, editing and broadcasting of corporate videos

Shooting, editing and broadcasting of corporate videos with UAVs

Social media management (Content, post…)

Some video examples


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