Local dynamic display system


Do you know that…?

  • The digital signage systems sector is the second fastest-growing market in recent years with a growth rate of more than 116%.
  • This is a market of more than 700 million in revenues for the year 2017 in Canada.
  • The Canadian market is currently lagging behind.
  • Digital signage should explode in Quebec in the next 3 years.
  • In 2016, advertising revenues for Canadian companies were over $12,990 billion.
  • Conventional advertising markets are declining sharply in favor of social media and digital signage.

Challenges and MediActis concept

Dynamic display is the ability to communicate with its target clientele, to be both proactive and reactive in its communications by easily mixing promotions, entertainment with information.

It also means the ability to communicate in both directions to enhance the company’s brand image through a distinctive and modern customer experience.

Dynamic display systems are gradually replacing traditional systems such as posters, flyers, information panels and road signs.


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