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Boosting the local economy is one of ProActis Group’s main missions. Based on the premise that SMEs need new customers in order to thrive and that word of mouth is the most powerful means of prospecting for commercial expansion, and that the Internet and social networks are becoming the best vehicles for communication, the idea of ProCommissions was to combine these 3 observations. ProCommissions’ main focus is to establish and create relationships between companies and their clients through an IT platform. Such links are essential to guarantee the commercial development of these companies. From a technical point of view, ProCommissions has been designed according to coding standards and optimized for speed of operation with all connected systems. At the core of ProCommissions is a virtual office concept and an account management system to simplify business exchanges between companies and their clients. Finally, ProCommissions’ source data is based on servers that are hosted in Canada and the United States. The all-in-one ProCommissions environment allows access from virtually all terminals used in today’s market, including computers, tablets and cell phones.

ProCommissions is made up of a duo of stakeholders, companies and clients, interacting through a computer platform. ProCommissions leverages this link by reproducing a natural phenomenon of referencing commonly known as word of mouth through a web application. ProCommissions provides the opportunity to generate additional income for businesses with the addition of new clients, complementary and recurring income for members through a system of discounts on their purchases and a commission system on new clients referred. ProCommissions gives members the opportunity to become true business ambassadors themselves, by referring consumers. ProCommissions is a versatile tool for fostering the local economy, rewarding loyalty and referring new members.

Nowadays, when we talk about referencing, we only think about the referencing of a website by SEO search engines. But we forget that only 25% of consumer purchases are made on the web. Put another way, SEO remains the best tool to acquire, engage, convert and retain consumers in traditional businesses.

At the moment, we are constantly being solicited by reward programs that only bring in points or benefits that are difficult to understand, and which may grant loyalty bonuses but are always difficult to obtain. These programs are not interested in companies or consumers, but only in the creators of their system!

There is nothing quicker, cheaper and easier than encouraging a consumer who is already a customer!

As a conclusion, Procommissions allows companies to increase their revenues, without having to expand their inventory, business hours or number of employees, to display and promote their various sales promotions.

ProCommissions makes it possible to transfer an economically active clientele between member companies, and all this, in a simple way, without any loyalty card.